Bartow County Sheriff's Office
104 Zena Drive
Cartersville, GA 30121

Jail Division

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Bartow County Jail Division
104 Zena Drive
Cartersville, Georgia 30121

Major Gary Dover, Jail Administrator 770-382-5050 Ext. 3051 -
Captain Derek Cochran, Assistant Jail Administrator 770-382-5050 Ext. 3040 -

The mission of the Bartow County Jail Division is to operate the jail in accordance with all State and Federal laws providing a safe and healthful environment for inmates and staff; providing the inmates with the necessary medical and mental health services, religious services and other educational and drug resistance programs to aid their quality of life. The Jail Division must ensure the protection of the county's citizens by preventing escapes and the introduction of contraband into this facility. This Jail serves not only the Sheriff's Office but all other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The building is approximately 176 thousand square feet.

In order to do this, the Jail operates 24 hours a day; seven days a week staffed with 61 line Correction Officers divided into 4 shifts. Two shifts work each day, each shift lasting 12 hours. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant and Sergeant. In addition to the line officers, the Jail Division includes the Medical Department staffed 24 hours a day, Inmate Meal Services, Maintenance Department, Inmate Records, Inmate Work Release/Work Detail Program, Warrant Division Records and Commissary. Each year over 7,000 inmates are processed through the jail and over 600 thousand meals are served to the inmates. Each year there are approximately 300 thousand people who come through the jail lobby. This includes visitors, attorneys, Probation officers, clergy and others.

Each Shift Lieutenant and Sergeant can be reached at extension 6043. Their names are:
A-Rotation: Lieutenant Mike Walters and Sergeant Todd Roberts
B-Rotation: Lieutenant Brent Upshaw and Sergeant James Walters
C-Rotation: Lieutenant Tina Pallone and Sergeant Dallas Watson
D-Rotation: Lieutenant Shane Ingram and Sergeant Phillip Zane
Booking Sergeant: Sergeant Lamar Wilson
Bonding: extension 6039

Additional Services:
Visitation: extension 6038
Inmate Work Release/Work Detail Coordinator: Sergeant Gavin Wilkins extension 6052
Inmate Medical: extension 6062/6051
Inmate Food Services: extension 3043
Inmate Commissary: extension 3042
Inmate Records and Warrants: Lieutenant Dean Minter extension 6053
Maintenance: Danny Higgins-Facilities Manager extension 3056
Administrative Assistant to the Jail Administrator and Bartow Safe Kid I-d Program Coordinator: Deputy Amy Walters extension 6000

Each quarter, the Jail is inspected by the Bartow County Grand Jury. Additionally, the U.S. Marshall's Office and the Georgia Fire Marshall inspect the Jail annually to ensure compliance with the latest Federal regulations and safety.