Bartow County Sheriff's Office
104 Zena Drive
Cartersville, GA 30121


The Bartow County Training Division is responsible for the entire agency's training program. Every deputy in Bartow County must receive 40 hours training each year. The Georgia State requirement is only 20 hours per year. The Bartow County Training Division consists of one Departmental Training Officer, and 10 other assistant instructors assigned to other areas of responsibility. Each month there is a solid week of training and officers from various divisions attend the entire week. Various topics are taught including but not limited to; firearms, self defense, departmental regulations, use of force issues, fire safety, domestic violence, elder abuse, responding to crimes in progress, and much more.

The Pre-Mandate Officers Training Program: In 2001 this program was the first of its kind in our agency. After researching current academics, and critical tasks taught in the mandate-training program throughout the state of Georgia; The Bartow County Sheriff's Office developed this 60-Hour program to prepare our recruits to attend the regional police academy. Since implementation of this program, every recruit hired has attended this program before attending the academy, and the results speak for themselves. Our agency regularly receives high honors awards, and top gun awards, and our recruits are often elected class president.

The Post-Mandate Officers Training Program: In 2001 The Bartow County Sheriff's Office developed this program to be used in our agency to allow the new graduate from the Police Academy to practice their new found skills on the street under the watchful eye of the seasoned officers. Our agency usually places the new graduates back into their original Jail Deputy positions until their opportunity to apply to the promotion board for a transfer or promotion to the Uniform Patrol Division. This program allows these deputies to get a true understanding of all the new skills they must develop.